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How I Use Mobile Shopping Apps to Save Me Time and Health

As we enter the thick of cold and flu season, I can sense the panic I feel about shopping in public places rising steadily. Everywhere you go there’s sniffling of runny noses and the boisterous sound of deep winter cough. Every shopping cart is landscaped with a cocktail of strangers’ germs and there’s never enough sanitizing wipes available for the masses. Yikes!

It’s virtually inescapable, but because of my CF the increased exposure to germs this season is risky and anxiety-inducing. Truthfully, I was never a germaphobe before I had my son or before the immediate health decline I experienced this past year; but I have seen first hand one too many times how a tiny and harmless toddler-cold can wreak havoc on my lungs.

Enter, my love for mobile shopping apps

If you haven’t heard of the most convenient category of app design ever, you’re missing out (especially if you have cystic fibrosis). The concept behind mobile shopping apps is that you plan shopping lists, add items, pay and choose a delivery method of your choice all from your smartphone.

Mobile shopping apps are easy to use, time-effective, and limit public outings solely to buy the basic necessities our homes need to function. Personally, I believe they are a vital tool to keep me healthy and create more time and energy for caring for myself, especially this cold and flu season.

Favorite grocery delivery/pick up app

Within the last year I have utilized various grocery delivery apps for a variety of reasons. A lot of those reasons have to do with my health. I am a tired and busy mom to a very active two-year-old boy. Yet, we need groceries and we need them a lot in this house. The Instacart app is my favorite grocery delivery service that offers delivery and pick-up from different stores based on your location.

To use Instacart, you simply add your items and pick a delivery time and method. Within a couple of hours, a very friendly Instacart employee appears at your doorstep with your order. That’s it! Grocery shopping complete.

Often, I’ll order groceries to be delivered at nap time while I complete an extra round of airway clearance or rest myself. I don’t have to set apart the extra time to fit grocery shopping into our weekly schedule and have more time to focus on myself and my health. Win-win!

Favorite drive-up mobile shopping app

Some larger stores are now offering a new and convenient drive-up service such as Target Drive-up (also Wal-Mart, Publix and Safeway have this options as well). This is a game-changer, personally. It’s not always easy getting my son out of the car, into the cart, running into gather what we need and then wrangling heavy bags to and from the cart.

Some days, especially during an exacerbation or home IV antibiotics, I just don’t have it in me and that’s ok to admit. Simply pulling up to the store while an employee brings out my order is so beneficial for those low-energy days. I highly recommend this type of service for anyone with small children who struggles to complete their shopping. However, Target-lovers beware because it can be very dangerous. Please, practice self-control.

Favorite back-up mobile shopping app

When all else fails and I know I have the time to wait for my items or need specialized items, Amazon Prime is my go-to shopping app. (We all know how Amazon Prime works so I'll save the explanation.) I use Prime a lot when I know I have shopping to do for birthdays or holidays but don’t have the energy to stop at a bunch of different stores in hopes of finding what I need.

Once again, I use the app as a tool to save me time and energy, as well as protecting me from unnecessary exposure to seasonal sickness, especially around the holidays when I know the stores are extremely busy. It’s a perfect tool for those with CF who also love to shower others in holiday gifts!

Is this lazy?

No! Absolutely not. I believe living with CF is a perfect reason to utilize services like these. We all know how time-consuming treatments, appointments, and IVs can be on a regular basis. Let alone the energy it takes just to encourage our bodies to function properly. It's exhausting!

Personally, I believe services like these are a smart tool to use to force some time and health back into our days in order to have the opportunity to enjoy the things we WANT to be doing. Do you use any mobile shopping apps as a unique way to stay healthy? We would love to hear about it in the comments below!

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