Life Under Quarantine

Quarantine is not unfamiliar to me. It’s not a new concept or something that I need to adjust to. I’ve lived in quarantine almost my entire life; I have cystic fibrosis--along with a number of other illnesses and complications that having CF brings. It’s not easy, but it’s--for the most part--all I know.

There is a bright side to being quarantined

When you are born sick and fighting for your life every day, it soon becomes so routine that it becomes “normal”. This COVID-19 virus has brought the world to a bit of a standstill and millions of people are finding life under quarantine difficult and scary. It can be all of those things for someone new to it, but there’s also a good side to it.

Don’t look at being quarantined as a “lockdown” or being “imprisoned” in your own home. Think of it as a way where you can use that time to spend with your household. You can get to know your loved ones all over again and spend time with the kids in a way that you really never had time to before.

Quarantine can bring us together

I believe this quarantine kind of forces people together in ways that many of us forgot how. You can have conversations and life slows down. You can take it day by day to fall in love again with your family. Appreciate your fur babies more and bond with them! You can try that recipe that you never quite got right and master it. Read that book or catch up on some Netflix and such.

COVID-19 is scary, but it’s also reminding us how fragile life is. Hopefully, this helps many of us rethink what is a priority in our lives.

I’ve been in situations where I was unsure whether I was going to survive or not, and that’s just part of my roller coaster ride with cystic fibrosis. This virus is another thing I have to worry about because my immune system is not that fantastic. I know how damaged my lungs are. I know where I stand in this but I am not scared. I live my life each day happy to be in it and happy that I get to wake up next to my amazing husband.

Quarantine slows us down

Life slows down when you are forced to stop and think about what matters to you the most. Family and friends are important to have around. I think it’s special when a group of friends can be silly over webcam and just talk and reconnect. Sometimes we need that in life; we need to think about what matters most and hold onto it with all we have.

COVID-19 is scary--and it's okay to be afraid--but it’s forced us into a standstill and into a position of vulnerability that we probably haven’t felt in a long time. Uncertainty is intimidating because we like to have answers for everything and we don’t right now. What we do know is that we are home and, while we are home, we can use this time to look at the bright side of this situation. We can be thankful for the health we have and the time we have with our loved ones.

How is quarantine going for you?

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