Eight Socially-Distanced Ideas to Celebrate the Holidays

As the holiday season rolls around, everyone is wondering how we are going to celebrate amidst COVID-19. I think we need to look to the CF community, the original “6-feet apart”, as inspiration. Keeping distance and celebrating holidays from away isn’t unusual in the CF community--it’s expected! And it can be fun, you just have to get creative! Some of these ideas are ideas my CF friends and I have tried in the past and found to be a fun and safe way to celebrate the holidays together!

Here are some safe socially-distanced ideas to celebrate the holidays--for individuals with CF and without.

Ideas for celebrating from a distance

Matching holiday PJs

Matching PJs aren’t just for the kids! Gather your friends and purchase the same holiday PJs. You’ll get a laugh every time you wear them as a group. This is one of my favorite holiday memories with my CF friends. We loved seeing which random nights each of us would wear our PJs.

Christmas lights caravan

Pack hot cocoa in some travel mugs, create a map of destinations, and line-up your vehicles caravan style to cruise around town to see lights with your friends and family. This is my personal favorite way to ring in some holiday cheer with my family because even my young son loves to see the local Christmas lights.

Holiday decoration home tour

Is your home a winter wonderland like mine? Host a holiday home tour where each member takes you on a virtual tour of their holiday decorations. It’s almost as if you are there in person enjoying their creations and all the time and effort spent decorating!

Virtual secret santa

Virtual Secret Santa is pretty self-explanatory and has been a popular event among my college friends for years. There’s even a website that can draw the names anonymously, create wishlists for each participant, and organize the event information and addresses.

Local treats trade

I know it’s hard not seeing out of town loved ones this season. However, you can still get a taste of your distant family members by doing a local treats trade. It’s simple--gather some famous local delicacies like BBQ sauce, wine, beer, and sweets and do a switcher-roo of the items. It’s fun to try different local favorites of your loved ones!

Get out in the snow

When’s the last time you bundled up and “played” in the snow? It’s been a long time! Sure, you might be out of breath (if you have CF) and cold since you’re now old, but it brightens the inner child! Gather friends and family and plan to enjoy the snow by sledding, skiing, ice skating, or participating in a snowman competition.

Virtual bake-off

Has anyone else binge-watched The Great British Bake-Off on Netflix this year? Try hosting your own Holiday Bake-Off with friends or family where you compete to bake the most delicious bakery item in each category. You can even sample each entry if you live close to the contestants. Check out our recipes on Cystic-Fibrosis.com for inspiration!

Slideshow of holidays' past

Do you have a tech whizz in the family? Create a slideshow with photos and videos of past holiday memories to your favorite festive tunes. Send it out to everyone or invite the group to watch it virtually together while you reminisce. It will certainly bring you all together!

What do your socially-distanced holidays look like?

I hope these ideas give you some additional unique and fun ways to celebrate this unusual holiday season with your friends and family in a safe way!

How do you plan to celebrate socially-distanced the holidays this season? Tell us below!

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