Little girl walking in front of fence on her way to school holds mask in hand and a hand sanitizer keychain on her backpack

Precautions for Going Back to School this Fall

School is starting soon (too soon!!) and despite most state's Covid numbers, students in many areas will not have the option of going virtual this year. To lessen the likelihood of catching Covid, here are a few tips to consider that might help keep your kids safe this school year.

Getting vaccinated

If your child is 12+, and their doctor recommends it, the best thing that you can do is get them vaccinated.1 While I know there are still varying opinions on the vaccines that are available, the fact remains that getting vaccinated greatly reduces your chances of having severe symptoms from Covid.2 No, it won't necessarily stop you from getting it, but it may help you feel better faster.3

Wearing a mask

The easiest thing that you can do to keep yourself safe is to wear a mask. I know it feels like we have been wearing one for years and you are probably ready to stop doing it but wearing a mask limits your exposure.3 In my view, better safe than sorry!

Washing hands

Keep doing this. Never stop doing this. Washing your hands and using hand sanitizer should, from here on out, be part of the norm. I love that most stores and public places now have hand sanitizer available in the entrance and exits. I no longer feel clean if I don't have a new layer of sanitizer on.

Keeping a distance

This is mainly for older students as younger ones would find it near impossible to stay away from their friends. Always keep a distance from those around you. Six feet is the standard amount, however, if possible avoid as many public places as you feel comfortable with for the time being. Sure it isn't fun and we are ready to be social but for my family, I feel like putting ourselves in the public where we don't know where others have been is too risky.

Staying home

If your child isn't feeling well, keep them at home. Don't second guess yourself. Do not risk the possible spread of Covid by sending your child to school, even without a fever. Until they are tested and are negative, keep them home.4

By continuing to follow the basic guidelines for stopping the potential spread of Covid, we might be able to have a decrease in numbers.5 The more we follow the precautions, the sooner we can say goodbye to Covid in our schools.

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