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Your Voice Matters - Advocating for Cystic Fibrosis

When I stepped out of my comfort zone and started raising awareness, I never thought I would actually teach someone about cystic fibrosis. And it was very naive of me to think I didn’t have a voice. I thought it would just be swept aside and no one would be interested in my story or in learning what CF is all about from my own perspective.

But after starting to post blogs and videos and posts on social media, I had someone thank me for teaching them about it. And then another person, and another. And I was delighted to have brought some education to people who had never heard of CF before but who now understood even just the bare basics.

Make a ripple

So now that person understands a bit about it, when they meet someone with CF or hear about it, they have some kind of understanding about the condition. And that was really exciting for me to have been able to make a ripple.

But when I was just starting, I’ll be honest with you I used to go on social media and see someone with CF who has done an excellent post or a video raising awareness, and I think well what’s the point of me doing a post when they’ve done one so well! (I’ve also had these thoughts when sitting down to write an article on here!)

Your voice is unique

Let me tell you why. First of all, everyone with cystic fibrosis is unique, and it affects people differently. No two people are the same.

But more than that, everyone can say the exact same thing but everyone has a different voice and a different way of saying it. So one person can say something and it will resonate so strongly with someone else.

It’s almost like they’ve woken up and heard it for the first time. And then another person will say the exact same concept (in their own way, we aren’t talking about plagiarism here!) and it will shine through to someone else. And the amazing thing is the dots will keep on connecting and awareness for cystic fibrosis will keep on growing.

Inspiration and education

In the end it’s like a choir of people in the CF community, singing this song in their own different voices and every voice that is added will make the ensemble louder and heard by others.

That is why it is so important to keep raising awareness, to keep advocating because YOU reading this right now, might just inspire and educate someone else. And that is always worth telling your story for.

No one can ever say, what you say in exactly the same way! (and that rhymes, whattt!!)

If you look in today's society, people are more aware. More aware of invisible illnesses, more aware of physical disabilities and more understanding than ever before because of awesome advocates like yourself!

And this is why we need to continue raising awareness and why your voice matters when you join in singing this song, no matter how many people are already singing!

How do you spread awareness for cystic fibrosis? What CF-related topic do you want there to be more awareness around? Share with us below!

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