Five Wonderful Children's Books About CF

One of the resources I wished was available when I was a kid was a multitude of children's books explaining CF. Back in the early 90s, there really weren't any books that touched on CF, or at least my family and CF Care Team wasn’t aware of them. Therefore, there was a large gap in support and tools to foster communication about CF that many kids like myself needed.

Nowadays, you can search for CF children’s books in any search engine and at least get a few hits. There are well written and insightful books for kids of all ages to enjoy. Here are five wonderful children’s books about CF that could explain CF to any child wanting to know more.

Mallory’s 65 Roses

Mallory’s 65 Roses is a book about a little girl and her battle living with cystic fibrosis. Written from the perspective of a child, this book explains what it is like living with CF in simple and understandable terms. Mallory explains why some children call cystic fibrosis “sixty-five roses” because it's easier to say. She also explains why she does treatments and what it looks like to go to the doctors’ with CF. Mallory’s 65 Roses is a great resource for young children looking to make sense of CF.

Taking Cystic Fibrosis to School

Taking Cystic Fibrosis to School is a book written for young children to explain CF in the school setting. Jessie, a young girl with CF, explains that even though she has CF she can still attend school just like her friends. At the end of the book, there's even a Kidz Quiz and tips and resources for teachers to use in the classroom.

Having Cystic Fibrosis Is A Lot Like Being A Super Hero (Beautifully Unique)

This book is about a young boy named Jake and his CF superpowers. With a positive age-appropriate superhero theme for kids, this book helps explain what CF is and why it makes them uniquely beautiful when they or a loved one has CF. There’s even a section for parents with evidenced-based tips on how to approach the subject of CF with your children. It’s a good resource to have in your back pocket for all superhero lovers.

Lorelei's Roses: A Story About Cystic Fibrosis

Lorelei’s Roses: A Story About Cystic Fibrosis is a charming book inspired by a real young girl living with with CF. Written by her godmother and pharmacist, the book explains about Lorelei’s day to day life living with CF. She likes to ride her bike and play with her dog, but Lorelei also does airway clearance and takes medicine as well. The book is written in simple and short passages making it an easy book to read for the youngest of reading levels.

The Adventure of Miss Messy Suzie McGoo and the Cuff Cough Crew

 The Adventure of Miss Messy Suzie McGoo and the Cuff Cough Crew is a wildly fun book written by a CF patient and long-time in-patient CF nurse. (Both authors were part of my CF hospital, so I am honored to share this book.) Miss Messy Suzie McGoo is a rambunctious little girl with CF who goes on an adventure and meets a gorilla. Together they learn about the “cuff cough” or huff cough to keep Suzie’s lungs healthy and clear. This book is fun and silly and sure to delight young readers.

Do you have any favorite books to help children make sense of CF? Share your favorite below!

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