Holiday Gift Guide for Adults With CF

Ho, ho, ho! It’s a good time to wrap up your holiday shopping (or maybe you're the type that needs to scramble and start shopping) as the end of the year quickly approaches. Shopping for your most favorite people living with cystic fibrosis (CF) can be tough.

I don't think all presents need to be CF related, but it is always nice when I receive a gift or two that I know will help me manage everything from treatments to household responsibilities.

Here is my holiday gift guide for adults with cystic fibrosis!

Weekly pill organizer water bottle

I can’t be the only one who quickly gathers their pills every day to be disappointed there’s no water in reach. A combo pill organizer water bottle could potentially solve both those problems. Moreover, I put this on my own Christmas list since I take less pills now on Trikafta.

Heated mattress pad

Do you have CF aches, pains, or fatigue? Add a heated mattress pad to your wish list! This is a game-changer to help ease CF body pain and improve restful sleep by creating the most cozy bed. I have a Subbeam model, but there’s many out there for all budgets.

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Bluetooth headphones

Bluetooth headphones are a must have for all people with CF! It's impossible to hear the TV or devices with loud airway clearance machines. No more closed captions on your favorite shows!

Audible subscription

Speaking of airway clearance, one of my favorite ways to pass the time is listening to audiobooks. Audible is a subscription service that allows readers to download audiobooks and free podcasts with monthly credits. It’s a great way to listen to the newest titles without waiting for library loans.

Beam subscription

Another great subscription specifically tailored to people with CF is Beam. Beam is an online platform for exercise classes taught by people with CF or expertise in CF - both on demand and live. It’s a great community to join!

Robo vacuum

Although robotic vacuums can be a bit of an investment, they just might be the answer to tidying up without using any precious energy. There’s many different brands and style to fit your needs. The eufy one is affordable and has good reviews.

Meal delivery service gift card

Meal services, like HelloFresh for example, deliver everything you need to make healthy meals to your doorstep with very little prep and mental thought on your part. There’s a variety of plans and meal styles to choose from. We really enjoy HelloFresh as an easy way to prepare and enjoy delicious food.

UV light sanitizer

A UV light sanitizer is a pretty nifty gift for people with CF who have to be extra careful to limit the exposure of germs. Depending on the size and model, UV light sanitizers can sanitize household items like phones, toothbrushes, remotes, car keys, toys, baby bottles, etc.

Grocery delivery membership

Another food focused gift card or membership for your favorite CFer. Instacart is one of several grocery delivery services that shop for groceries for you with either pick-up or delivery options. It's a helpful way to save time and energy but also limit the exposure of germs in stores right now.

Breath from salt

Breath From Salt: A Deadly Genetic Disease, A New Era in Science, and the Patients and Families Who Changed Medicine Forever by Bijai P. Trivedi is a must-read for anyone with CF or has a loved one with CF. It’s a deeply moving and educational book about how far the CF community has come in the last 100 years. I highly recommend this book.

Pump peelz

Looking for stocking stuffers for adults with CF with CFRD? Pump Peelz are fun stickers for diabetes supplies like CGMs, glucometers, and insulin pumps. They come in so many designs and style to really brighten your day and add personality to your diabetes devices.

What items are on your holiday gift guide for adults with cystic fibrosis? Let us know below!

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