My Holiday Gift Guide for Children With CF

With the holidays right around the corner, now is the perfect time to start purchasing gifts for your friends and families, especially those little ones living with CF. Full disclosure, I am 31 years old living with CF and do not have children that have CF themselves (I do have two kids, but that’s beside the point).

However, while making this gift guide, I tried to think what I would have liked as a kid with CF and what types of gifts would aid kids with CF to take the very best care of themselves.

It’s hard enough being a kid with CF, that any item that makes their life easier and more enjoyable is worth giving. Below you will find a gift guide for children with cystic fibrosis.

Toddlers and preschoolers

Crayola Hand Sanitizer for Kids
These colorful Crayola hand sanitizers are so fun and whimsical! Any kiddo with CF would enjoy using these colorful hand sanitizer to help them stay clean and germ-free. I know my preschooler would go nuts over these in his school bag.

GoBe Kids Snack Spinner
This spinning snack container with individual compartments is a genius CF hack to get your kiddo to eat necessary calories. I love how this snack spinner makes food choices fun while being leakproof and travel friendly. I truly wish this existed when I was little!

Pretend doctor kit
Playing pretend doctor is a great game for kiddos with CF. Role playing can help reduce medical anxiety and give kids the chance to become familiar with what happens at the doctors.1 Add nebulizer masks and empty enzyme bottle to make it even more CF-specific and fun for your kiddo.

School-age children

Kids bluetooth headphones
This is a must-have if your school-age child does screen time while vesting. All the machines are so incredibly loud it makes it really difficult to hear your devices without turning the volume super loud. Bluetooth headphones solve the problem and keep everyone in the household happy.

Playhouse Dreamhouse Reusable Wall Stickers
Any activity that can keep a child occupied and stationary for 30 minutes a day should be added to this list. I think activities like this can offer unlimited play while seated are a good way to keep treatment time fun.

Ghost: A Graphic Novel
If you are looking for a poignant book for school-age children to read and relate to about CF, Ghost is a great choice. In this graphic novel, a family has decided to move to the coast to help keep the youngest sister, Maya, with CF healthy. Her older sister Catrina is sad to leave her home but with the help of friends and family she is able to support her sister and family.

Responsibility Chart
Even at a young age, many people with CF slowly gain responsibility over their treatments and medications. A chart such as this can help kids of all ages practice and track positive habits and reach milestones in their own care. I like the open-ended design of this modern responsibility chart.


Personal Blender
A personal blender is a great gift I wish was available when I was a teenager to make calorie dense shakes, nutrient-packed smoothies, and other quick meal options for busy teenagers. It’s an easy way to get enough fat in order to take with Trikafta as well in the morning.

Gratitude Journal
Journaling is great way to release negative emotions and thoughts in a healthy way-something we all need time and time again living with CF. A gratitude journal or any type of journal to write in while doing treatments is a great way to take care of your mental health. I like this one because it's three simple prompts highlighting what goes well each day.

Stick and Chill Sticker Books for Adults
It’s important to do something you enjoy during CF treatments as a way to survive the boredom day in and day out. When I saw these sticker books, I immediately pictured how relaxing these books could be while vesting or watching TV. I actually added them to my own holiday wish list.

Gift Cards for Devices

Although screen time is a big problem nowadays, treatment time isn’t a time to set limits. Maybe treatment time is when your teens are allowed to use screens. It’s a good idea to get them gift cards for whatever apps, devices, or games they like to play during treatments. Audible, Xbox, Kindle, etc. are just the start.

What types of items would you put on your gift guide for children with cystic fibrosis? Share your ideas for purchasing gifts for your friends and families below!

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