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Hospitalization Creature Comforts

Have you ever heard of creature comforts? I’ve listened to this saying occasionally. Creature comfort is something that helps people feel physical comfort. This can look like certain foods, specific clothing, or special blankets. Another way of thinking about creature comforts is things that make you feel cozy and comfortable.

During this hospitalization series, I have written about my pre-admission routine, how I pack, and what essentials I want while in the hospital. But what about helping you feel more at home in a place that isn’t home? That is where having creature comforts, or “comfy cozies” as I call them, comes into play.

Packing my comfy cozies helps ensure I am as comfortable as possible in my home away from home. It also helps to reduce my anxiety. Today, I will share why packing creature comforts can be helpful. In addition, I will share with you how I pack creature comforts and what some of my favorite “comfy cozies” are.

Why Pack Creature Comforts?

You may wonder why some people think packing creature comforts is necessary. Well, technically, it isn’t. But packing things that make you more comfortable and help you feel at home can make a sterile hospital room feel less draining.

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Another good reason to pack things that make you more comfortable is that they help with anxiety. When people feel stressed, the body releases a chemical called cortisol, which can increase anxiety. One helpful way of reducing the cortisol spike and anxiety is by making sure your hospital room is cozy and comfortable.

Packing Tips

I have a particular way of packing my comfy cozies when going to the hospital. It helps me keep things organized. And it could help me feel like I have control of one more thing. Hospitalizations make me feel like I don’t have power, so anything helps!

Packing my comfy cozies, or creature comforts, involves a couple of things. First, I like them to all be clean. This way, everything smells like home when I unpack. Second, I pack them in a separate bag from my normal hospital things. I do this because it helps me organize my belongings. But what exactly are some creature comforts that I take with me to the hospital?

Comfy Cozies

People will have different things that comfort them while away from home. And each hospital will have different rules on what they allow to be brought into hospital rooms. Here are a few of my favorite comfy cozies to help you jump start some ideas for packing your creature comforts.

  • Blankets or quilts. I have a particular comforter that has always been with me. It reminded me of a toddler with their blanket, but instead, I was a grown-up with a comforter.
  • Pillow and pillowcases. Sleeping on your own pillow can make the uncomfortable hospital bed feel more like home. And they always smelled like my room at home since I washed them before I was admitted to the hospital.
  • Soaps and lotions. Sometimes, you have special soaps or lotions you need to use for sensitive skin or because of allergies. Bring those with you! It will keep your skin healthy, and you will have scents that remind you of home.
  • Pictures of family. I would always bring one or two pictures of my family. If I had a day where I was especially homesick, seeing their faces without being on my phone brought comfort.
  • String lights. Most hospital rooms have very harsh, bright lights. These are necessary so hospital staff can see what they are doing. But having them on all the time can get annoying. I would hang string lights or Christmas lights in my room. The soft glow the lights would cast on the wall made my room seem cozier and less harsh.

Being able to take so many creature comforts with me is a privilege. Only some people have the time to gather their favorite comfy cozies together, and only some have the means to have extras. Furthermore, some hospitals do not allow things from home in the hospital room. Taking my favorite, comfortable stuff with me is a privilege I am so grateful to have.

Remember that each person will have something different that brings them comfort. It is important not to tease people for things that help them cope during stressful times. Doing what is best for you and will help you during lengthy hospitalizations is essential. If you are still determining what you can put in your hospital room, you can always call the unit and ask what is allowed. Communicate with your nurses and team and recall that they are there to help you during hospitalizations.

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