A women presses her temples with her fingers due to a migraine

Nasal Pressure Headaches/Migraines

Nasal pressure from blocked nasal passages is bad enough but the accompanying headache increases it to terrible. In my case, my sinuses inflame very easily and while I have always struggled to breathe out of my nose from polyps, inflammation has always been an issue.

Most people experience this in allergy season, but I am one of the lucky ones that experience this all year, all the time. I usually must do nasal rinses every day to keep my nasal passages clear but there are times I do forget, or I am too tired from the day to do it. Then I am reminded of my mistake because my nasal passages get swollen, and I cannot breathe that much out of my nose. I notice a bit more of a runny nose, but I blow and blow and nothing comes out (sorry for that). I also have a nasal steroid spray that my ENT doctor gave me, and I do that daily but like clockwork, my nasal passages do flare up and when they do it comes full force.

The start of nasal pressure headaches

I experience a lot of pain when I try to smile because my cheeks push up and I can feel the pressure in my sinus area. I also press my fingers on the sides of the nose under the eyes and going to my nose and there is usually pain. I also touch between my eyebrows and there is pain, the worst comes when the headaches start and that erupts into a migraine, the headaches begin on my head and then as the pressure increases, the migraine starts on my temples and the front of my facial area.

How I relieve the pain

The pain is incredibly bad and I have light sensitivity and I must be in the dark and lower the light on my phone because it is exceedingly difficult. I must take Tylenol and rest until it goes away. Usually, I will do a nasal rinse and then blow each side of nostrils until I get any gunk out that is there if any at all and then use the nasal spray to help ease any inflammation.

I also use nasal strips to widen my nasal passages so I can get some airflow, which is not much but it is something. I also find that using a cool-mist humidifier is great on my sinuses as well.

Sending love to anyone with nasal pressure pain

While different things work for different people, I hope that those with CF who go through this intense pain from nasal pressure migraines and headaches can also share what helps them relieve their pain and pressures in their sinuses because the CF community is so incredibly helpful that any advice is immensely welcomed.

I appreciate all the advice that I have gotten from those who have taken the time out to help me and for my doctors who have also guided me along the way. I will work on doing my nasal rinses more because they truly do help. I do have to be on top of my game for that. I also take nondrowsy allergy medicine when I need to as well. Remember, if you need any advice on treating any nasal pressure, please consult your doctor.

Do you also get headaches or migraines from nasal pressure? Share your experiences in the comment section below.

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