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CF Resilience Playlist

Music helps us deal with difficult times and process emotions we otherwise would not have words for. It can invoke feelings in us that we were not currently experiencing, such as inspiring us to complete a hard workout when we are feeling exhausted. Maybe you are trying to experience a cathartic cry? In that case, music can help edge the tears out, releasing the built-up tension.

Having cystic fibrosis and going through all the experiences that come with it can lead to many different emotions. We reached out to our Facebook community and asked, "What song would be on your CF playlist?" We heard your responses and compiled them into this Spotify playlist:

CF playlist

What songs would you add?

Of course, there are so many more songs that may resonate with you and your experience with CF. We would love to hear (pun intended) what songs you would add to this playlist. Share them in the comments below!

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