This or That: CF Edition

We all have different preferences, which is what makes us unique! Playing This or That can be a fun way to learn more about our community and your unique differences. We're always doing our best to create content that you find useful.

This is why we're curious which of below you prefer. There are no right or wrong answers! Go ahead, tell us which you prefer.

This or That

Do you prefer a PICC or port?

We know that ports are convenient and can provide a sense of freedom, rather than being hooked up to a machine. PICCS can be great but not for long-term usage. Whereas, ports can make getting IVs and blood taken much easier. But again, everyone had their own preference.

This or That

When do you typically have more energy?

Some people wake up with the sun and are full of energy while others feel most energized in the evening. Which are you?

This or That

Do you feel better in the warmer months or cooler months?

Do prefer bundling up in the wintertime or shedding layers in the hot sun? Whichever you prefer, be sure to stay hydrated by drinking lots of water and drinks with electrolytes.

This or That

Do you prefer low impact workouts or high impact workouts?

While staying active is so important when living with CF, it's easier said than done. Whether you're feeling fatigued, or dealing with stomach issues, it can take a lot of effort to get your body moving. Moving our bodies can help with lung function and overall health.

This or That

Do you prefer eating several small meals or three large meals in a day?

It can be easier to digest smaller meals, but eating more often means remembering to take your enzymes each time. Which do you prefer?

What other options have you or a loved one had to choose between while living with CF? Share with us below!

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