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Taking A Chance

One of the most frightening things for me to do was travel, because I was always so scared to do anything. I always put my CF as an excuse to never do anything or go anywhere new. I was comfortable and safe in my bubble. I would do the usual things and go the usual places and life would just pass me by.

Feeling trapped by cystic fibrosis

I used to be adventurous, and I used to just go with the flow of things but as I got older and sicker, I became reclusive and preferred to be in my home. CF trapped me and I let it.

I became very anxious and for the first time in my life, I began having anxiety attacks because I became so scared to do anything. Walking became painful and as I used my walker, I could easily say that I wanted to stay home because my feet hurt. I was always in pain so I could always use that too, or I could say that if there were crowds, I wanted to stay home so I don’t catch anything because I am immunocompromised.

Soon, that became my crutch, and I was watching life pass me by through my window. I was always talking about traveling and doing something different, but I never did it and finally I decided to do something and follow through with it.

Challenging myself and booking a vacation

My husband and I booked a vacation to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida and I was excited at first but then I began to overthink everything. What if I get sick? What if I can’t handle the airplane? What if I cannot breathe well over there? Could I bring my medications easily? Would my port cause a problem when going through security? Could I make the walk to the gate?

I was already making excuses to cancel, but I pushed my fears aside and started to access the situation and plan everything correctly. I made a list of things I needed answered and what steps I needed to take to get it done. I called the airline, and they were very accommodating, they arranged for me to be wheelchaired to the gate so I wouldn’t be too tired lung wise, my medications would fly free along with all my medical equipment. I did not have to pay for my walker being checked in and I did not have to go through the metal detector, but I went in a body scanner. I also got priority boarding because of my CF and I got to board the plane first along with my husband.

I'm glad I went!

The flight to and from was very comfortable and an overall easy process because I arranged all those accommodations prior. The resort was also very nice because they gave us the first floor and it was easily accessible, and I did not have to walk far. I had a wonderful vacation, and I am glad that after 10 years of not going anywhere that I finally took the leap and now have wonderful memories. I took all safety measures due to COVID and wore my mask and sanitized my hands and kept a safe distance from people. I am glad that I finally put my fears aside and got to experience something I will treasure forever.

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