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So as you guys may know I posted about being in hospital for a number of months. The longest and scariest admission of my life! I hope that I, or anyone in fact, never go through that again because it was traumatizing.

A scary combination of symptoms

My lung function kept dropping and dropping, and my kidneys were not doing well at all. In addition, I had urinary retention, a lung and chest infection, coughing up pure blood, was on many drips, and had to do the vest 5 times a day plus manual PT.  It was hard to stop coughing and I kept producing bloody and thick mucus because of the infection. I was scared I was gonna die at 24! I couldn't take in solid food so they tried me on stuff like soup, mashed potatoes, and beans. It was tolerable at first but then I started throwing it up and choking on it, so, unfortunately, I had a feeding tube which I am off now. Thank God, because it was awful, but what has annoyed me is I have still lost a lot of weight; I'm so underweight.

Then my nose started feeling really blocked with thick stuff (thicker than normal snot), and they took a sample of it which I had never heard of. The infection was literally thickening everything. They had to increase my oxygen to a mask and the highest setting because I was just on the nasal one and that was not helping at all. My lips were blue but at this point, I was so weak I didn't care and couldn't get up. I had no energy.

This or That

Have you been hospitalized due to CF complications?

Fighting for my life

I seemed to be just getting weaker and weaker. I was scared I was gonna die, but at this point it wasn't scary to me because I was so weak I sort of wanted to let go. Saying that makes me sad now that I am out of the hospital and a lot better. I just lost my will. Feeding tubes, loads of different drips for different things, vest treatments, and manual PT, fainting, and times my breathing stopped. I was woken up on a ventilator in ICU and then went back to a normal ward. This happened 3 times. The third time they were gonna give up but my friend kept praying and it seemed to work because it didn't happen again. I don't know, maybe a coincidence, but it was terrifying.

I had my first seizure and ended up having 4 in 1 day due to a medication I was allergic to. They carried on for a little after but stopped when it came out of my body because it was all IV. I had 5 IV sites and all of them were full of antibiotics, fluids, a feeding tube, antiemetics, and stuff for my CF. Some of them I've forgotten, including magnesium, potassium, nutrients in liquid form, and pure electrolytes. There was more but can't remember.

Upward and onward

This time was the worst I have been. I was sent home with loads of meds to take, and I am still not fully better but I am able to live a somewhat normal life again. It was scary and I'm glad to be alive. I'm off the feeding tube, and I can eat soft foods for now. I can't eat things like meat, bread, etc; I can only eat things like soup, mash, beans, thinly cut chips, vegetables, soft fruits kiwi, banana, and grapes.  Just very soft things get the gist. I'm on Fortisip drinks, and I'm doing so much better. Still not fully better but I'm home and happy

Just me doing treatment

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