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Cystic fibrosis carrier

I always experienced from childhood continuous bronchitis attacks that lasted up to my early thirties but never was I given an explanation by doctors why was I getting so sick.

Finding out I was a CF carrier

When I was at my third trimester of pregnancy, a test came positive for cystic fibrosis carrier. There is nothing more frightening than the thought of losing an unborn baby. My son was born a carrier, the mutation showed in my family. One of my other sisters is also a carrier who also from childhood suffered with sinusitis. Her younger son was diagnosed with CF, he inherited from both parents.

Hoping for a CF cure

They say most CF carriers are asymptomatic but again mutations vary. Now days for the last ten years I have not experienced those horrible bronchitis attacks, it is probably due to the effort on changing my eating habits. I wish all CF and carriers better days and hope one day scientists find a way to reverse this.

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