CF Carrier symptoms

I found out a few months ago (in my thirties) I am a CF carrier. Whilst I know that carrier symptoms cannot begin to compare to those who have CF, everything I have been experiencing for years just made sense.

Symptoms I've experienced as a carrier

Why I cannot ever seem to get a full lungful of air when exercising hard, despite being the fittest I’ve been in my life, waking up most mornings with an “asthma cough” which doesn’t really seem to go away with inhalers, sinus infections after sinus infections. My friends call me “wheezy” as I constantly have a wheeze. This finally made sense.

I was diagnosed as asthmatic 15 years ago, but I always felt it was something else. This makes sense. My partner and I are thinking about children but I want him to get tested for carrier status first. I'm not quite sure how I feel about finding out I'm a carrier. I know so many have it way worse so I can’t complain.

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