David's law

Hello, my name is David. I have cystic fibrosis and other massive major medical conditions. Today I am writing you this story to tell you about public schools in the United States.

Enzyme regulations at public schools

We have many cystic fibrosis patients attending public schools all over America. The school has some rules where you have to have a parent or guardian come to give him enzymes and have a parent let a nurse come and administer enzymes as well. However, this also means that the guardian or parent must go to all field trips with the CF child as well and this is very time-consuming for the parent and also means that the parent may have to not have a job and be ready to respond to the school at any given time in regards to their CF child.

What is David's law?

Davids law will allow cystic fibrosis patients in America in public schools to be able to carry and self-administer their own enzymes during the school day and after school and during all activities. This will also include field trips. How this law will take place is the law will have to have a parent letter or guardian stating that the CF child is able to self administer their own enzymes on their own without issues and has demonstrated at home without issue.

This letter will need to be signed by the guardian or parent also by the cystic fibrosis team and also by the school principal in the schools that are using Davids law. Right now, they are having zero issues and they love it the parents say that it was a long time coming. This also makes it so that the parents do not have to attend schools and that means they can go and have a job if they choose to.

We have added to David’s law a second-half to this law that would allow all students with cystic fibrosis and asthma to be able to self administrator all inhalers. This is because we had a death in a public school because the child could not get to his inhaler and the family asked if this could be added into David’s law.

Looking for volunteers

We are looking for volunteers to help us get this past into federal law and that way all the students would be able to take enzymes. As soon as this law passes, immediately we are hoping that we can find volunteers within the next week. We are also working on the spring T-shirts and we have a logo for the front and we are now looking for 400 supporters that would like to have their name placed on the back of the T-shirts. When the T-shirts will be for sale and the proceeds to the sale will pay only for the T-shirts, students would be able to take advantage of this law immediately.

We ask that you come to us and volunteer and help us make cystic fibrosis warriors have a better day in public schools instead of having to wait for a parent or guardian to do what a CF patient can already do. I want to take a moment to ask god to watch over all of us no matter are health issues and soon cf warriors will have a cure found. With brothership to all David, CNA/HHA

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