God is Miracles

My name is Jesse and I'm 29 years old. I am a double Delta508, and I was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at age 2 after my sister passed away at 11 months from CF. I started having more troubles towards teen to adult life. I got diagnosed with CFRD around 15.

Managing cystic fibrosis

I've tried every IV drug there is I think to help when I'm sick. I take enzymes when I eat. I take 2 different insulins. I do my nebs and vest. Drink ensures. All my other meds for other illnesses. It's a life of fighting strong with Gods help and prayers.

Cystic fibrosis warrior

In 2010, I was blessed with a living miracle named Abigail, my daughter who I am thankful does not have CF. I'm happily married to my husband who takes great care of me and my daughter, plus we have his 3 girls. I was on my death bed in 2017 and on a ventilator all of December because of pulmonary failure and embolism. In 2016, I became a street drug user but the Lord showed me a better way than being nothing – showed me to be strong and fight like the warrior I am! Amen!

If you have any questions please ask. Thanks

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