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Diagnosed with CF @ 59

I had Acute & Chronic pancreatitis was often sick. But no doctor ever suspected CF. Not even when I had a lung abscess from non-resistant staphylococcus aureus.

Dealing with cystic fibrosis symptoms

Then in 2016 I had to have emergency surgery when a sinus infection broke through into a pocket behind & above my eye. From there I had a sinus infection that would not clear up & was on antibiotic rinses from July 2016. My ENT had been trying to figure out why we couldn’t clear this completely up with antibiotics that culture & a sensitivity showed was the correct medication.

The start of my CF journey

He constantly asked questions on medical history having nothing to do with Sinuses. In April 2019 he asked me if I had ever been tested for cystic fibrosis. In June I was seen @ CF clinic where blood work was sent to the genetics lab. I was finally at 59 years of age when I was diagnosed with CF. My lung function was 40%. I was placed on Symdeko then Trikafta.

My pulmonologist told me he has no medical explanation for why I didn’t die at least 30 years ago.

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