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A Day in the Life of a CF Warrior

This is just brief since I can have an attack at any time.

The Start of My Day

So, I wake up at around 8:30am to take all my meds nebulizer, inhalers, vest, mental health meds, and other physical health meds.

The Hardest Part

Around 1pm I will have my shower, but I need extra help breathing cos it gets so steamy. So I use my oxygen and I have to have cool showers otherwise I will faint... after this sometimes I need my vest because I tend to produce more damn phlegm. ๐Ÿ˜… I also take more meds for my physical health, but I can't spell half of them.

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Ending with More Meds

Around 6pm I will eat and take my physical health meds again.

Around 10pm I will take my vest, nebulizer, inhalers, and my physical and mental health meds again, have another shower, and then off to bed.

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