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Born too soon

My son Mark was diagnosed in 1976 and passed away from Cystic Fibrosis in 1980. There was very little treatment available for CF patients at that time and very few patients lived past the early teens.

Thankful for CF medical advancements

I have followed the advances in treatment and just finished reading Breath From Salt which chronicles the struggles to improve treatment and find a cure. The story brought tears to my eyes as the author described how just a single dose of a new drug brought noticeable relief to the CF patient. The most amazing part of the CF story is that all the research that has advanced treatment has been funded by the CF Foundation from donations!

Sending love to other CF families

I pray that no other family has to suffer the loss of a child from this deadly disease and rejoice that so many treatments are now available. Thank you to all the donors and scientists who contributed so greatly to this effort.

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