Cf and ports

Last updated: May 2020

I started getting IV's frequently in 1990. I was blowing them left and right due to meds. I started getting picc lines. I did many home IV's back then.

Getting a port for cystic fibrosis

Then in 1996, it was suggested I get a port placed. I was a little leary at first. But, it was the best decision I made! As it so happened I needed sinus surgery too, so I had that at the same time! A two-fer! I would get the port flushed at clinic appointments or hospitalizations and home IV's.

That port lasted 10 years. In 2006 I needed a new port and as luck would have it another sinus surgery! So back in I went. I am currently on my second port. This one has lasted 14 years! The only time it gets flushed is when I am in the hospital. I just can't access myself to do it! This has worked for me the whole time having this port. As the docs say, if it's not broke don't fix it! Not saying this is right for everyone!!

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