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My Time in Quarantine

What is quarantine? Well, of course we don't want to get others' sick. So, in a way it is a humanitarian endeavor -- which I think is basically a good thing. We could be in prison -- which would be a lot worse, so it is a kind of prison without being in prison, so that's a good thing.

The benefits of quarantine

And as the author pointed out, it gives us a chance to get to know our family better, spend some real time around the house, and really be at home -- so that is also a good thing. I traveled to Latin America, that's why I'm in quarantine now. And of course, I don't want my friends spouse to get sick, she is immune-compromised, so I feel good about protecting my friends. Also, I like sleeping in and generally relaxing, who can complain about that :)

Looking forward to this new life

One can always complain about things, but what's the use, every situation has its pros and cons, some more than others. I look forward to getting back to the way things were, but one must wonder, is that really ever going to happen, with all the variations etc., maybe it will never happen, who can say. Nevertheless, we must accept, things will never be the same as they were; our lives have been interrupted, and we can never go back to the direction we were on before all of this happened.

Hence, life will never be the same; we should give up on going back to the way things were. Where is life taking us now, that is the adventure, and we should just open our minds up to this new adventure we are on. Who knows, maybe it will be fun :)

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