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My story!

Until I read about salty skin, I never put it all together! Brain fog, constant sinus infections, my throat is always making me cough, normally at night and mornings, my lungs always seem full of phlegm, I get nauseous a lot, always tired, sweat all over my body all the time for no reason!

The symptoms I experience with CF

Mostly tired most of the day, irritated a lot! Body aches, my lower back is full of arthritis and most likely need surgery, can barely walk! I need to urinate sooo much, my urethra always hurts! Doc put me on constant antibiotics! Does not really work!! Headaches almost all day! Fibromyalgia since I can remember! Hungry again soon after eating and more! Body aches always! Can’t live without my pain meds! Thanks for letting me post!

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