Diagnosed at 31 with infertility

I had the perfect 2019 - Just married the love of my life and began our hopeful journey into parenthood. After 6 months of trying, we decided to get genetic testing, where mine came back as positive for CF. That's a child's disease, isn't it? That was my first thought. How could that be possible? After seeing a urologist, the missing vas deferens was confirmed.

I tested positve for CF

I went and saw a CF specialist in NYC, tested my lungs and she said "I could be a firefighter", a positive sweat test, confirmed 508del and R117 with 5T Allele.

I had mild asthma as a child that went away, I have never been hospitalized, never had pancreas or digestive issues. Was always a normal weight. I only have a stuffy nose which I always just thought was allergies. The diagnosis was in January of this year. I still feel great and have no real symptoms besides the nasal stuff and missing of the vas deferens. We are currently going through IVF and hoping for the best.

An emotional roller coaster

Emotionally, this was very rough for me and I still feel lost in regards to what I should expect for the next decade of my life.

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