Woman proudly gestures at her airway clearance cart.

Video: Tour of My Airway Clearance Treatment Cart

No two people with CF are alike when it comes to symptoms, course of treatment, and outlook. Something we all have in common--daily airway clearance has to get done! Airway clearance can certainly be a time-consuming and detailed routine. Everyone’s needs and lifestyles with CF are unique and their airway clearance setup often reflects that.

In this video, Janeil takes us on a tour of her “treatment cart” and explains what items she keeps close by and what works well to help her stay adherent to daily treatments.

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Janeil's airway clearance system


What does your treatment system look like?

Do you have an airway clearance treatment cart to organize your medications and devices? If not, what do you use? We would love to hear about what system you use to organize your treatments in the comments below!

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