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Coughing in the morning

I have a 6 month old, he was diagnosed with CF just before Christmas. Is it normal for him to have a cough in the morning when he wakes up? I’m still getting used to what symptoms are normal, his past 2 cough swabs have come back ok. But his CF team are pretty strict and they will likely want him to go on ivs if they know he’s been coughing most mornings

  1. Awwww sweet little one. Give him a few pats. When I was little, my mother would take me and my twin who all has cf and use a "pounder" it was a soft rubbery triangle thing that she used to gently pound our backs like a vest treatment to help us cough up stuff or clear our lungs. I'm not sure but if I were you I would definetly tell the doctors and ask for pills that you can sprinkle into his applesauce or increase his treatments, and make sure he is drinking a lot of liquids. I would be worried if he might catch pneumonia or bother his sweet new little lungs. Lung damage is irreversable so it's best to catch things quick.

    1. Well a bit of cough is okay when you get up in the morning because you slept while night, likely not coughing any time during your sleep when you wake up you do a but of activity like simply rising up so it stimulates your lungs to push up some of that mucus into your airways that you may need to cough out. Tapping the back by your hands molded in a cup shape will help get the mucus out with ease. Always keep a watch though for any signs of cold that could increase the coughing

      1. My CFers experience with that symptom is that it was caused by post nasal drip (sometimes caused by allergies and sometimes by sinus infections). However, even very low humidity could cause the sinuses to add moisture to the nasal cavity.

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