Back to school supplies and germs floating around each other

Back to School Shopping List for a CF Household

Back to school season is just around the corner, and unfortunately, that means cold and flu season is also close behind. As much as I enjoy watching my son grow and learn to be an amazing little kid, opening our world up to a host of extra germs from school makes me nervous. As I wrote before, last year was his first year going to school, and I was worried about the impact the increase in exposure to germs would have on my overall health. In the end, aside from a bout of COVID, we managed to stay relatively healthy as a family. This is the back to school shopping list that has helped our CF household stay healthy.

Back to school shopping list

Hand sanitizer

In this day and age, I don’t think there’s such a thing as too much sanitizer. It helps to have a bottle of hand sanitizer in the car, kitchen, kid’s bags, and other easily accessible places.

Cold and flu supplies

Stock up on children and adult pain relievers, cold and flu medicine, thermometers, chest rub, etc. so that when sickness hits you are always prepared.

CF prescriptions

In the category of medication, it’s also a good idea to double check you have a sufficient supply of important CF medications in case a cold comes your way. Medications like albuterol, sodium chloride or oral antibiotics would be helpful.

UV sanitizer

One of the coolest gifts given to me this year was a UV sanitizer that sanitizes virtually any item. It’s great for phones, tablets, kids toys, etc. and has gotten so much already. I know it will be a loved item come back to school season.

Vitamins for the family

Ask your family’s doctor, pediatrician, and possibly your CF doctor what vitamins can best help support your immune system during the busy school season. Everyone in our family takes a multivitamin and I believe it serves as a tool to keep our CF household healthy.

Extra set of nebulizer cups

Even though nebulizer cups are meant to be sanitized after each use, I always throw mine away after a bout of sickness. I think it’s better to be safe and start completely new then worry about whether I thoroughly disinfected every last piece or not.

Stock of household items

Add tissues, paper towels, bleach cleaner and wipes to the grocery list next time. Don’t go 2020 crazy, but ensure you have enough to use in case you find yourself in a pickle.

Easy high protein and high fat snacks

Time to stock up on easy high protein and high fat for snack time and a busy mom during a busy school season. It helps to keep my kiddo full and they are easy enough to eat on the go.  I like buying things like yogurt pouches, to-go cheeses like BabyBel, and mini hummus to pair with veggies.

Every family is different but a household with someone with CF could benefit from some very similar items entering into the start of the school year. What is included on your back to school grocery list?

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