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Broken planter with flowers growing out of it shaped like the letters CF

“Cross Out CF” with Emily's Entourage

May is Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Month, a special month for the CF community and Emily's Entourage. It is a month for spreading awareness, raising money for research, connecting through advocacy, and educating others on what it means to be living with CF.

Emily's Entourage

Emily's Entourage speeds research and drug development for those with nonsense mutations of CF who are part of the 10% that don't benefit from the new treatments for CF. They bring life-saving breakthroughs to people living with CF and do it quickly! In order to continue their necessary work, they must raise money to drive research. As a result, research, awareness, and advocacy drive tomorrow's breakthroughs.

Raising awareness

Throughout May (and beyond), Emily's Entourage is giving a platform to voices in the CF community. Personal and powerful stories are being shared by people with CF and their families. The invaluable contributions of scientists are spotlighted as well, as they work with the ultimate goal in mind: fast breakthroughs and a cure.

Emily's Entourage is also posting daily CF facts, inspirational photos, videos, and quotes, and steadily working to accelerate CF research.

#CrossOutCF is a hashtag used by Emily's Entourage to cross out all of the harsh realities of living with CF and to replace them with hope.

Cross out big things like fear and pain. Cross out time spent on hospitalization and treatment. Cross out unseen things like isolation and feeling like a burden.

Replace with hope. Replace with community. Replace with research and innovation.

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