Mom with CF: Worries of the World

The world has been heavy lately, if you haven’t noticed. Civil and governmental arrest in the Middle East, natural disasters peppering the globe in destruction, and the ever on-going debate of how “pandemic” we are today.

It’s a lot to take in and process for anyone, in any situation. Add the concerns of cystic fibrosis, starting preschool, motherhood, and high-risk pregnancy to the mix and I’m feeling a bit frazzled lately.

I know that in sharing your concerns and worries, people often find common ground and support in each other. It’s good to talk about the things that make us anxious, especially those things that often seem outside the CF realm, but in reality are ultimately affected by the presence of CF.

New school year challenges

Our son is turning four and supposed to start his first year of preschool this year. It’s a huge step for him (and I) and one we have been so excited about. Enter: the Delta variant of COVID-19.

On one hand, I don’t want him to miss out on school for another year. Last year we kept him home as a means to protect me. Although I know that was the right decision back then, it didn’t make it the easy one. Even more so this year, he needs the socialization, fun, and structure preschool can provide and I think he would really like it.

But how do I protect him and keep the germs out of our household where there’s a newborn and a person with CF? I’m not sure I can and that’s where the conundrum and anxiety occurs. Do the benefits of school outweigh that risk?

New baby worries

The second big change our family is facing is the arrival of a new baby in a few weeks. Unlike my pregnancy with my son, this pregnancy has been full of minor complications and hardships that have knocked my confidence as an experienced CF mom.

Typically the postpartum period can be challenging for women with CF due to the demands of caring for a baby while caring for themselves. I know from experience that was very true in my situation as I experienced a decline postpartum with my first. Even though I was extremely compliant to my treatments and medications, I still got sicker and that is a hard fact to forget as I enter that season of life again.

The only solution that comes to mind in order to protect my health is to ask for help. Ask for help. And, ask for help.

Although these concerns may not measure up to the concerns of the world, they are what’s weighing on my heart in our family right now. Cystic fibrosis can add some challenges to some of the most joyful times or transitions in your life unexpectedly.

What worries do you have in your life right now? Share and show support below!

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