My Brother, My Hero

My baby brother was born with CF. He struggled as a child, teenager, and young adult. We were always told that he wouldn't live to be 16, but let me tell you, he's almost 53 and the strongest, healthiest CF person I know. He has defied odds, he shines in his career as an officer, he's a runner in all local CF marathons and, honestly, he's my hero.

Tackling life's challenges together

Watching him grow and fight made me stronger. He helped me to be a stronger cancer fighter, always in my corner, as I am in his. He goes above and beyond everything thrown at him! We talk at least once a week, and his wife has become a sister, not a sister-in-law, to me! She is his rock and he is hers!!

Forever his biggest fan

I'm grateful to God for allowing me to have him in my life. He is the best!
Being a kid

How has someone in your life with CF inspired you?

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