Should I Go For It? Marrying Someone with CF (Part 2)

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Has it really been 6 years? Wow, time sure has flown by, and what a journey it has been thus far! Just like I discussed dating someone with CF in my previous post, marrying someone with CF has been a blessing.

Together we have faced many different obstacles and have had to approach life events differently. One thing I can be certain of though is that I wouldn't have chosen to do this life thing any different.

She said yes!

Ok so there wasn't really any worrying about that? Cheriz and I were pretty serious from fairly early on in the dating process. We discussed marriage about 4 months into our life together. I think that was due to her CF. We had already went through a couple exacerbations, weight loss issues, and switching of medications.

Overcoming hurdles

I was prepared, or at least I thought I was prepared, for whatever life was going to throw at me. Cheriz was prepared for living with someone who understood her CF, and felt comfortable being herself, something that we picked and worked on while dating.

Cheriz had relationships before, but didn't feel like they could understand what being with a Cfer was going to be like. She also struggled with the possibility that she could die at a younger age. This was another hurdle we had to get through together, but once we did, we were in the clear! Eventually I proposed to make things official, and we were married in August of 2015.

We are married! What comes next?

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