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Children of a cf mum

Hi my wife has cf and 12 years ago we started down the IVF route. We were lucky to have a son who is now approaching 11. Has anybody done any research into potential health problems a child of Cf mum could have. We did ask her cf team but they knew very little as they said cf girls are only now living long enough to have children. Our son is showing signs of chest infection that has been going on and off for the last six months. We are off to see our GP but I wanted some information before seeing them as they are not always aware of Cf symptoms.

  1. Hi,
    I am so sorry to hear your son is having health issues. I have CF and have two sons as well. I am curious if you were tested to be a CF carrier prior to IVF? There is a 50% chance of your son having CF if you are a carrier as well. New research has shown that sometimes even carriers can have symptoms even though they don't actually have CF. It's a good idea to see his doctor. I hope all is well! Here is some more information: Warmly, Janeil ( Team Member)

    1. Wow, I had no idea anyone had done any research on this! Can't wait to read it, thank you!
      I, myself, struggled with multiple bronchitis infections throughout my teen years after getting pneumonia in 7th grade. My 22yo daughter has CF and was diagnosed at birth. So of course, my husband and I are both carriers. He has recently developed asthma symptoms. We are both in our 50s. I know the body has trouble fighting off mutations as we age. So I do wonder about aging and the CF connection.

    2. Very interesting, @suzyt! I do wonder how carrier status influences respiratory symptoms like that. I hope i the future we can understand more fully. I understand what you are saying as well. Both my boys (both carriers) have developed pneumonia and can take a while to get better after viral illness. It's something I have noticed about them in comparison to other children. I hope your family stays well and your husband's symptoms are manageable. Warmly, Janeil ( Team Member)

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