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Dietary Tips

Eating enough nutrients and calories each day can be challenging for children with CF. Share any tips you have on making sure your child eats enough while they're at school or away from home.

  1. I take care of my year an a half sweet and energetic grandbaby two days a week which it means I do all the feeding. I make her sweet potato with coconut oil and lactose free milk, which I drink, also a mix of multigrain cereal with flax and apples, with water I prepared with cinnamon sticks, apple peels and a piece of orange peel. Then I add butter, cream cheese and a spoon of coconut oil. So far this two have worked the best.

    I tried other things like noodles with a cheese cream sauce, potato and beet salad, brown rice, salmon patties and it is more like a trial and error thing, she will have some and be done with it in no time.

    She loves bananas and can eat a whole one just walking and taking little bites. I also give her Pirates Booty rice and corn puffs as a snack that are very low in sugar (1gr) but it provides some of the needed salt intake. For drinking: just milk or water.

    So far she is healthy, however, it is becoming hard to give her the enzymes, I used to give it to her with apple sauce, now I have to be creative and I give it to her with flavor yogurt.

    I'm looking forward to reading what other people prepare for their child so I can get a better idea of what else I prepare her.

    1. Hello, your little cutie sounds happy and energetic. Have you heard of duocal? It's a powdered caloric supplement you can put into anything. It comes with a small scoop to measure the powder. Each scoop is equal to 25 calories. It is mostly flavorless but can add a thicker texture to a drink, it kind of has an almost sweet flavor other then being flavorless but it has the consistency of say, corn starch. It can be add to anything from soup to mashed sweet potatoes. As long as it completely dilutes. The front lable describes it as a " powdered energy source containing a blend of carbohydrates and fat."

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