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Fill in the blank: ___________ is something that only someone with CF would understand.

Share something that only those living with CF of caring for a loved one with CF would truly understand. Let's raise awareness by talking about topics that are uniquely related to CF.

  1. Problematic poop.. lol
    Also that feeling of dread when you’re enjoying your food away from home and realizing you forgot enzymes somehow!

    1. , Thank you for chiming in and sharing! We all know that CF can certainly affect our bathroom habits. These are both things that only someone with CF would truly understand. Sending you love! - Sarah, Team Member

      1. Clubbed fingers.

        1. Do they bother you? I hope they don't get in the way of you living your life. Take care, Sarah, Team Member

      2. Yes they bother me. I'm self conscious about it. But less as I get older. I get my nails done, so they do look better.

        1. I totally understand that but I'm glad you've found something to make you feel better about them. Thanks for sharing! Best, Sarah, Team Member

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