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What are some of the early symptoms of someone with CF?

  1. Some of the early signs for someone with CF under the age of 1 are salty skin, thick and sticky stools, malnutrition and unusual bowel movements. After a year, you may notice a chronic cough, frequent colds, shortness of breath and severe abdominal pain. You can find more information here:

    1. i have every single one of these lol

  2. What symptoms should someone look for if they suspect adult onset CF? I am a known CF carrier, but I think I actually may have adult-onset CF.

    1. Hello,
      Some of the same symptoms would be present in an adult who has undiagnosed CF: chronic cough, frequent colds, salty skin, abdominal pain, and issues with bowel movements. They may be less obvious than someone diagnosed at infancy. Have you had your genetics tested to see if you have two mutations? I hope you can get in touch with your doctor and see if they could help you move forward with testing.
      Janeil (cystic-fibrosis Team Member)

  3. These are the symptoms I have too and also a carrier but unsure who I should speak to

    1. Often a pulmonologist, or lung specialist, is a good place to start. Here is an article about being a carrier and the symptoms you may experience.
      Hope it helps! Let us know if there is anything else our team can answer for you.
      Warmly, Corene (Team Member)

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