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Getting older with cf

I'm nearly 46
Every1 is talking about my 50th
The doc told my dad when I was born she won't get to 5 yrs
Now we have the magic pills
I can't get my head round getting to 50,is it just me?

  1. Turning 50 is an incredible milestone and I hope that when you reach that birthday you're filled with complete joy! You've lived against the odds and you give hope to so many in the CF community. Cheers to you! - Sarah, Team Member

    1. hi. I turned 49 in May. My parents were also told that I probably wouldn't make it past 5 y.o. When I was 5, I had my right middle lobe removed from my lung. Docs said I'd survive until I was 16. How wrong they were! I have been on Trikafta for 2 years now and the difference is incredible!
      I sometimes can't wrap my head around almost being 50. The advances in meds and treatments is absolutely mind blowing!
      I sometimes get a bit sad thinking about all the irreversible damage that has been but then get really happy for the children and teens that will never know those struggles and only reap the benefits!

      1. Glad you are still here. Keep fighting the fight.

      2. thank you. You too.❤️

    2. Since starting Trikafta last year I have been one an upward trajectory, and life is only getting better … I am only 44. Always being semi-active, and loving being on my bicycle (commuting to work, and any other chance I could get).
      I am now slowly increasing my weekly distance (currently 130miles per week, 3 days a week at the office which round trip of 43miles).
      I am in the initial stages of planning a solo fund raising trip across the country (from LA to NYC) in 2024, to raise funds and awareness about the great work researchers have done. Not to mention how important exercise is for all CF patients.

      1. That's amazing! This gives hope to the people with CF younger than you! I am 32. 50 feels so far away, yet so close. I hope you have many healthy years to come! Warmly, Janeil Team Member

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