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What are your favorite ways to de-stress?

Whether you live with cystic fibrosis or care for someone living with CF, it's normal to feel overwhelmed from time to time. When feeling stressed or anxious, what are your favorite ways to distract yourself?

  1. I find counseling to be a very important resource for me. I also take stress naps and really allow myself to do nothing for a couple of days. I used to journal regularly and have picked this up again. I can also share my journal with my counselor and my partner to aid in communication and address my issues in a more thoughtful and articulate way.

    1. @kaylah, Those are all great suggestions for coping with the stress of CF. I really like your idea of sharing your journal with your counselor and partner. I am sure a lot of people feel similarly about how hard it can be to communicate. Wishing you well! Warmly, Janeil Team Member

  2. I love to take hot baths with Dr Teals Epsome salt. They have some very frangrant and soothing blends . Always works to help relax my very sore muscles and relaxes my mind as well.

    1. That sounds super relaxing, @nyzki, I'm glad you found something that helps calm your mind and muscles. Thanks for chiming in! - Sarah, Team Member

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