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Teaching Children Self-Management Skills

Teaching young children the skills to manage their CF is imperative for their growth. If you have young children with CF, share tips on ways you've taught them how to manage their daily CF treatments, staying healthy, etc.

  1. As someone who grew up having CF, it was helpful for me to have a scheduled regime as much as possible. Additionally it was helpful to start by learning how to clean my nebulizer cups and to recognize which medications were which, their names, and what they do for my body (in an age appropriate way of course). When I was growing up in the early 90’s there were some very cheesy but informative animated videos that helped me understand. I believe these can be found on YouTube now as well as medication manufacturers’ websites.

    1. , Thanks for sharing! I know that many others have also benefitted from having a regimented treatment schedule as well. I'm sure being involved with your CF treatments at a young age and understanding your medications was super helpful. Take care, Sarah, Team Member

      1. Agreed! My mom is a respiratory therapist and she thought it was important for me to know why and how the medications helped me so I could understand the importance. I also think making airway clearance and taking meds a part of your routine helps. Just as you brush your teeth, taking care of those things are just something you do everyday. It's tough at time but making it a habit really helps. Warmly, Janeil, Team Member

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