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Staying hydrated with CF

The weather is heating up! How do you make sure that you or your little CFer avoid dehydration while still having fun? Share your tips below!

  1. I suffered a lot for dehydration, which would go on and cause CF related small bowel obstruction. The best solution I found was Gatorade. Depending on my exercise I would vary the salt level (Gatorade pods allow different slat level to be used). This was a game changer for me.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing what has worked for you!! How are you feeling today? Sending positive vibes your way! -Beth (Team Member)

  2. Sometimes I eat watermelon to help me stay hydrated. But I also drink a lot of bottled water, I sometimes pretend it is juice or a milkshake to drink a whole one, but sometimes I just drink it because I think about all the cells I my body that need the water. And water is H2O so there's some oxygen in water that my cells need, so what better way to get it to them then to drink it, so I try to help out the cells alittle bit by drinking water. There are a lot of cells that need a lot of water. And then sometimes I chew fruit flavored gum while I drink water so the water has a little bit of fruit flavor in my mouth while I drink it. Also sometimes I add water to juice drinks so that there's another way I can drink water. Or maybe water down some whole milk by adding ice cubes. But I do also eat a lot of fruit.

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