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Why do you visit our community?

  1. CF is rare, our experience is rare so it can feel extremely isolating at times. Visiting Cystic reminds me we are not alone in our experience, it normalizes and validates so many aspects of our family's journey <3

    1. I like to read about different people's perspectives on living with CF--overcoming their own challenges and celebrating their own victories. We each are so different but there's an overwhelming understanding in our community that's special. Warmly, Janeil Team Member

      1. I live in a rural community , that doesn't have people like me, And having a rare condition like immotile cilla dsykenesia is not even heard of. So being able to come here with questions or advice is nice. I dont feel so odd and like a odd ball

        1. Welcome, ! That's exactly why we have this community – so that people impacted by CF can talk about their shared experiences. You're always welcome to ask questions in our community. Best, Sarah, Team Member

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