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What Is One Life Lesson CF Has Taught You?

Cystic fibrosis (CF) is a chronic, life-long condition with several ups and downs. Between the initial diagnosis, hospital stays, managing difficult symptoms, daily treatments, and the emotional strain of CF, our community has seen it all. And even with all of the negativity and challenges they face, they still remain positive and optimistic about their condition.

We asked our Cystic-Fibrosis.com Facebook community, "What is one life lesson CF has taught you?" This is what they shared with us:

When life throws your curveballs

Someone with CF could be doing well and feeling fine 1 second, and then the next, not so much. If someone catches a cold or any kind of virus, it can make them very sick and send them to the hospital. Life with CF can be unexpected, but it is important to ride the wave and have a plan B just in case something goes wrong.

to always have a plan B for life's unexpected bumps

The CF community is special

All CFers are warriors! They go through so much in their life while living with a rare condition, and they exude gratitude every single day. Most people do not have the same kind of appreciation and outlook as the CF community. Every life they touch inspires others.

that every single cf person has a gift

Live your life to the fullest

Thanks to Trikafta and other treatments, people are now living longer, more fulfilled lives. People with CF know how important it is to live their lives to the fullest and go about each day with purpose and intention.

it's not about how long you live but what you do with your life.

The CF community is made up of warriors

The CF community is made up of CF warriors who continue to fight and advocate for themselves and their loved ones on a daily basis. Several of our community members say CF will someday stand for "cure found," and we know this community has the motivation and drive it takes to make that happen.

to never stop fighting

Here at Cystic-Fibrosis.com, we are a community that offers a safe place for sharing, support, validation, and kindness.

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