My 2023 CF Intentions and Beyond

Although I tend to think of myself as a reasonably optimistic person, 2022 was a devastating year for me, personally. Between my mom’s very serious cancer diagnosis and navigating the change and grief that comes with that, the never ending viral season of fall, and the exhaustion that comes with being a CF mom of two littles, I am ready to say goodbye to 2022. The fresh start of 2023 sounds particularly appealing right now. New memories to create, no serious health diagnosis (knock on wood), and new goals to work towards.

Personally, I appreciate the idea of intentions vs goals. The word “goal” feels very rigid to me, and I often feel a sense of guilt if I am unable to complete them. Creating goals isn’t supposed to knock down your confidence, but build you up to be the best version of yourself. Instead, the idea of “intentions” gives the person wiggle room to attempt something, reframe it, try again, or move on. Here are my 2023 intentions for CF and beyond!

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CF intention

Lately, I have just not been on my A-game when it comes to managing my CF-related diabetes. Management fatigue is a very real reality for me when it comes to insulin and checking blood sugars. Even though my a1c is normal, I know that I can do better keeping my blood sugar stable and doing insulin more often. Therefore, my intention for my CF is to get a better handle on my blood sugar and start a quicker acting insulin, such as Fiasp, that’s a better fit for my lifestyle.

Mental health intention

As I mentioned above, my family has had a hard year with the diagnosis of my mom’s cancer. It’s been a lot to cope with since I lost my dad to cancer when I was 6, and my mom and I share a very special relationship due to my CF. I have been devastated. For the first time in my life, I felt like I needed outside guidance to learn to cope. I am happy I started grief counseling, found different ways to cope, and am making counseling a priority throughout 2023.

Happiness intention

In 2021, I read 20+ books that I thoroughly enjoyed. In comparison, in 2022, I read 12 all before April when things got real. This year, I really lacked the mental energy to read even though I missed that special time to enjoy a hobby that truly brings me happiness. This year I hope to get back into reading and be able to join a book club with friends.

Motherhood intention

I love being outside with my kids and I know they love it too. It really makes a difference in our day when we can get outside. There’s a concept about spending 1000 hours a year outside with children in an attempt to combat screen time that I really love. Long walks, playground trips, picnics, gardening, playing, hikes, and bike rides, here we come!

Physical intention

My weight has been a consistent issue this year due to stress and typical CF malabsorption. Even though I stopped breastfeeding and have focused on high calorie foods, I am still very thin and my BMI is high risk. I know that if I can gain 5 lb. I would be in a better place health-wise. My goal is to gain some weight in 2023. How exactly? I am not quite sure yet.

What are your 2023 intentions for your health or beyond? Share your thoughts below!

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