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Did you know that you can find the community on Instagram? In addition to participating in our interactive online community, we are excited to share the same great information and customized imagery on our Instagram page as well.

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During cystic fibrosis awareness month this May, we shared important CF facts with our community to spread awareness. People with CF cannot be within 6 feet of each other because the bacteria in their lungs can be passed to others living with CF.


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Each Friday during awareness month, we'll be sharing facts about cystic fibrosis to spread awareness!

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We asked our community members on our Facebook page to share any tips or advice they have as a parent with a child living with CF. They offered insightful advice such as, "Ask a lot of questions", "Take care of yourself", and "Form a good relationship with the CF care team". For more tips, check out the post.


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If you’re a parent looking for advice for your child newly diagnosed with CF, our community is here for you! Just swipe☝️

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One of our advocates, Marieliz, opened up about the realities of dating when living with a chronic health condition. She courageously shares how she refuses cystic fibrosis to keep her back from being in love.

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