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I was not diagnosed until I was 7 years old. So far I have been blessed with a mild case of the disease, only having to be hospitalized once or twice a year.

I was lucky enough to give birth naturally to my […]

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Kenny was diagnosed with CF (double delta f508) at 7 months old in 1988. In the time since his diagnosis, he has worked diligently to maintain his health and lead a fairly traditional life through dedication to […]

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Hi @brian-gamble, thank you for joining our CF community. Would you be willing to share what you’re worried about? We’re always here to listen! – Sarah, Team Member

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Cystic fibrosis is different for every patient and should be treated based on the patient, not some textbook description of what the disease might be. Lung function can also be deceiving at times.

Each CF […]

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Noreen Tarletsky has been an active volunteer with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation since her son, Alex, was diagnosed in 1995. While chairing, participating, and speaking at a variety of chapter events across the […]

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Lauren Bombardier Weeks is an adult with cystic fibrosis who is thriving with cystic fibrosis thanks to a life changing treatment and the benefits of exercise. She is the author of the book Growing Up Sick, and […]

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Jennifer “J.Kaye” Riley is a proud member of the unofficial CF “over 40 club” and was treated off and on for cystic fibrosis throughout her childhood, until genetic mapping was able to definitively identif […]