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Now that more people have been vaccinated, how are you feeling about returning to a more normal lifestyle? Does anyone feel ready to return back to their life before COVID?

  1. I feel confident to return to normal but still find it beneficial to wear a mask, as I’ve really not been sick much this past year. Normalization of mask wearing has prevented me from getting flu and other seasonal ‘bugs.’ I plan to stick to it in crowded areas, particularly indoors. I also have found working from home to be idea for managing my health, mentally and emotionally. We’ll see how that carries out going forward! However, I do have concerns about getting back together with friends and family who refuse to get vaccinated.

    1. , I appreciate how you're feeling about returning back to your normal routine after COVID. I personally think it's a great idea to wear your mask in public places and especially indoors to prevent yourself from catching anything.

      I also totally get you being concerned about meeting up with friends and family who have not been vaccinated. I feel the same way! You can always chat with your doctor to give you peace of mind. Lastly, trust your gut - you'll know when it feels safe and when it doesn't feel safe. Sending love your way! - Sarah, Team Member

      1. All good points! I definitely feel better seeing people and going into public being vaccinated now, but still wear my mask in crowded public areas. Come fall and winter, I think I will go back to getting my groceries delivered and limiting public outings to protect myself. I was doing that before COVID to stay healthy. Warmly, Janeil Team Member

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