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Cystic Fibrosis and Covid vaccine -15 year old

Hello, I am new to this forum and needed an outlet for my queries. I am the stepmother to a 15 year old boy with cystic fibrosis. His maternal mother refuses to get him vaccinated for Covid or Flu, and my husband isn't willing to start a war with her over it. And on top of that, his CF specialist (according to the mother) is not pushing any vaccines, because it is a parents' choice. My confusion lies in that the CF foundation, right on the front of their webpage, states they believe everyone with CF should have it. So my question is, for anyone with a teen during this time, (and this is not a vax or anti-vax question, because obviously those rules apply differently to those with co-morbidities) regardless of your personal stance on the Covid vax, do you believe it is imperative to get a CF patient vaxed, or is it not a big deal at all, or should I say, no worry at all if you do not get them vaxed. Younger people obviously tolerate Covid much better than older people, but my assumption for a CF situation, is that any disease/virus that can affect the lungs, is an actual big deal and non-trivial.

Thanks for any input!

  1. Hi , Thanks for reaching out! That's a really tough situation to be in since his maternal mother doesn't want him to get vaccinated. I'll allow parents to chime in about their experience but in the meantime, I'm sharing an article from one of our advocates, Misty who has a son with CF – Also, here is an article talking about whether or not getting the COVID-19 vaccine is safe for people with CF and other lung conditions –

    I hope that your husband does what's best for your son's health to keep him safe and healthy. I hope this helps! Sending love your way. Best, Sarah, Team Member

    1. Thank you😀 I don't have anyone I can talk to about this as it's not something I can talk to my spouse about anymore without it becoming an argument. I have to sit on the sidelines and watch my stepson not only not get vaxed, but watch his mother teach him his treatments aren't necessary. She'll go out of town, or country for a week or longer, never taking the vest and she will lie to the doctors about it. She only makes him do treatments at night, or not at all but never twice a day. It's a very strange situation because she acts like his well-being is the only thing she lives for. Yet doesn't do the things that are required to keep him safe. And she is not under any economic duress, and has plenty of time to do these things, she just chooses not to.

      So if anyone else does this with their own CF child, I would love to hear from you. Otherwise I may need a therapist to vent to😀

      1. Hi , You can always vent here! Although, I will say, talking to a therapist would be really helpful as well.

        This is such a tough situation that you're in and I can tell that you just want the best for his well-being. It's upsetting knowing that his mom isn't caring for him responsibility. Trust me, that would make me extremely frustrated and upset.

        Sending you a hug! Hang in there.

        Best, Sarah, Team Member

        1. I have another question, in general. What age are you supposed to tell your CF child about the life-expectancy part of it? My step-son is almost 16 and no one (not his parents nor any of his CF team) has discussed it at all. I feel this is why it is so easy for him to skip treatments because he doesn't know why he does them, nor their importance. Is it something people/doctors try to hide?

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