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Five Feet Apart

While some people loved the movie Five Feet Apart, others were not as impressed. What did you think of this movie? Share your thoughts in the forum.

  1. My daughter who has CF was one year old when the movie came out. I was thankful someone was bringing awareness to CF and working closely with someone who has CF to create the film. My family members have all watched the film and I am glad they did. I felt like it gave them a glimpse into things that are difficult for me to talk about regarding my daughter's health but that I want those close to me to be aware of so they know how to support us though difficult infections or admittances. However, I myself have not finished the movie. It was really difficult for me to watch so I watched 10 to 20 minutes at a time over a few weeks and that helped. 😀

    1. I saw this movie some time ago, and really liked it. I cried and felt really connected with the two teens. There were some things in this movie that were medically incorrect , that was the only thing I found wrong with it . Otherwise I liked it

      1. As the wife of a 46 year old man with two of the more severe mutations, (alive and doing REALLY well, thanks to Vertex Pharmaceuticals' new drugs) when we watched it, we weren't at all impressed. We watch a lot of movies of every genre and we definitely still like movies with Gen Z main characters. That isn't the problem. Another respondent here said they felt it was "romanticized, teenage fluff", which I think sums it up rather perfectly. I don't don't mind teen fluff, but romanticizing someone else's life and death struggle (particularly husband's), is not something I freaking appreciate much. The actors barely ever cough and when they do, it is NOTHING like the breathtaking, rib aching coughs that CF patients endure. The SINGLE scene that attempts to showcase some mucus production is really SO FAR REMOVED from reality, that I swear I laughed. SERIOUSLY? Where did they get their experts and consultants from? Surely NOT from people with CF or their loved ones, and surely not from pulmonology specialists. My husband was at the cusp of end-of-life care, at just 21% FEV, when the call came in to come pick up the first batch of Vertex medication, which was then still experimental. His mutations didnt get addressed in the first couple of runs, so to make a film that is so "cutesy" and unrepresentative in too many aspects, really just irritated me. Anyway, the struggle just to breathe and the hope to survive is evident, and it will help to bring more awareness and more funding for CF research, but it would've been SO EASY to just make it more believable and more accurate. Literally, all it would've taken were just a few, much needed tweaks.

        In short, if a production company or a director REALLY wants to bring about awareness, and NOT to just line his pockets, next time at least TRY HARDER NOT TO OFFEND the people you are presumably trying to help.

        1. I definitely understand where you are coming from. That’s Hollywood. I do think it gave a small glimpse of cf to the many who were clueless about the disease though.

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