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I recieved a call from my pulmonologist , After discussing what has been happening with my most recent bouts of CF. the question of wether I could obtain a lung transplant came up again. I was told that in order for me to get the transplant, that i had to have no other underlying conditions. This includes my Coranary Artery disease . I will not be considered for transplantation. I am saddened by this and very disapointed. I am having to face my eventual passing. He reccomended That i get pallitive care. I have not more options or time , I have to accept this. it is frightening. I am greateful for all that my Medical community has done . Though some have done more than others. I will live out what time I have left and give it over to my god. I am facing it as bravely as possible. I am glad that I did my advance directive. Now my love one knows what to do when my time comes. I am glad actually no more pain or breathing issues. Just to be free.

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