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Making treatments fun

Do you have any creative ways to make treatments feel more exciting and less scary for your child?

  1. Therapy time was always the time for me to watch my favorite movie or episode of my favorite shows. I know for some, this is also when they can now play video games or use the computer too!

    1. Additionally, we would sometimes substitute vest time for 30mins on the trampoline etc. when the weather was nice and we were restless.

  2. What're your favorite shows to watch while you do your treatments, ? Going on the trampoline sounds like a fun way to get in treatment time! Thanks for sharing 😀 - Sarah, Team Member

    1. As an adult, I watch TV, Youtube, and listen to audiobooks. I always enjoy my cup of coffee in the morning as well with my treatments. I remember as a kid playing on the computer while I did my vest. Warmly, Janeil Team Member

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